Today’s English Language Test (A Mix of All Topics) for Competitive Exam Preparations in India

Daily English Text for Competitive Exam Practice: Enhance Your Language Skills. Elevate your language proficiency with our daily English text designed to help you excel in competitive exams. Dive into a diverse range of engaging texts, improve your reading comprehension, vocabulary, and language fluency, and gear up for success in various competitive exams across India.

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English Language Daily Mock Test

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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Between a rock and a hard place

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The scientist's A) revolutionary discoveries have B) transformed our understanding of the natural world.

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I saw ___ shooting star and made ___ wish.

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Each student (A)/has been given (B)/an opportunity (C)/to showcase their talents. (D)

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Devil's advocate

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Identify the accurately spelled word.

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A form of government with a king or queen at the head?

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Identify the accurately spelled word.

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Identify the accurately spelled word.

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Walking on air

11 / 20

She is the (A)/most beautiful girl (B)/I've ever seen, (C)/with long curly hairs. (D)

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Under the weather

13 / 20

(A) The development of powerful artificial intelligence raises ethical concerns.
(B) Destructive AI could lead to autonomous weapons and mass surveillance.
(C) Ensuring responsible AI development and governance is crucial.
(D) Ethical frameworks and regulations must guide the deployment of AI technologies.

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Replace the misspelled word with the correctly spelled one.

15 / 20

People who work together in the same organization or profession?

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See eye to eye

17 / 20

Tyrant : Oppression :: Martyr : ?

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(A) Artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed various industries, from healthcare to finance.
(B) Machine learning algorithms enable computers to learn from data and make predictions.
(C) Ethical considerations regarding AI include transparency, bias, and job displacement.
(D) Collaboration between AI and human intelligence leads to innovative solutions.

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An animal that can live both on land and in water?

20 / 20

Every dog has its day

Topics/Syllabus covered this Mock Test
This Test is Updated Daily. This mock test have a perfect blend of questions from these chapters:

    1. English Grammar Quiz
    2. Articles MCQs
    3. English Preposition
    4. Direct & Indirect Speech
    5. Active & Passive Voice
    6. Conjunctions
    7. Synonyms Quiz
    8. Antonyms Quiz
    9. Cloze Test
    10. Idioms & Phrases
    11. One Word Substitution
    12. Error Spotting
    13. Sentence Correction Questions
    14. Para Jumble & Sentence Rearrangement
    15. Word Replacement Quiz
    16. Misspelled Words
    17. Homophones
    18. Verbal Analogies

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