Mastering Homophones Mock Test (Chapter-17): A Crucial 100 MCQs for Competitive Exams

Mastering Homophones: A Crucial Skill for Competitive Exams. Enhance your competitive exam preparation with these challenging homophones questions. Test your language proficiency by distinguishing between similar-sounding words, a vital skill for success in various competitive exams. Designed to cater to various difficulty levels, these questions are perfect for aspirants of Banking, ITBP, Airforce, BSF, CAT, CMAT, RPSC, HPSC, UPPSC, OPSC, MPPSC, SSC, UPSC, RRB, Railway, IBPS, CISF, CDS, NDA, ITBP, Airforce, BSF, CAT, CMAT, RPSC, HPSC, UPPSC, OPSC, MPPSC, MPSC, KPSC, TNPSC, UKPSC, BPSC, JKPSC, JPSC, WBPSC, GPSC, TPSC, TSPSC, PPSC, DSSSB & Others State SSC, CRPF, RBI, RRB, EPFO, CTET, UGC NET, DSSSB, RPF, DRDO, ISRO, CISF, CDS, NDA, ITBP, Airforce, BSF, CAT, CMAT & Others and other similar exams, helping you excel in language comprehension and excel in your quest for success.

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Homophones Mock Test-1

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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Shakespeare is known as the greatest __________ of English literature.

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The textbook was updated with a new __________ that included recent research findings.

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The sudden rain had a significant __________ on the outdoor event.

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The conference is scheduled to be held on a __________ basis, occurring every two years.

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She sought __________ from her mentor before making a major career decision.

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She could not help but __________ her laughter when he told the funny story.

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He decided to __________ his farm and plant various crops for the coming season.

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The company's data breach was due to unauthorized __________ of sensitive information.

9 / 20

He decided to __________ in the hot springs to relax his muscles.

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The new policy had a __________ impact on the company's financial health.

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The military action turned into a __________, causing panic among the citizens.

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The actress was __________ in the same small town where she grew up.

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She sat __________ him during the entire meeting, taking notes and offering ideas.

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In some societies, people are divided into different social groups based on their __________.

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The woodworker used a chisel to __________ intricate designs into the wooden surface.

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All the students passed the exam __________ James, who struggled with the difficult questions.

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She quickly became __________ at playing the piano after consistent practice.

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Her genuine __________ for animals was evident in the way she cared for her pets.

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The __________ dress code for the event allowed attendees to dress comfortably.

20 / 20

All requests to extend the deadline were denied because they would __________ the project's timeline.

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