Tourism, Religious & Pilgrimage Places in Haryana (Chapter- 15): Important 100 Exam-Ready MCQs Set

Haryana, a land rich in history and culture, offers competitive exam aspirants a unique opportunity to explore its religious and pilgrimage sites while preparing for their respective tests. From ancient Temples, Gurudwaras to majestic mosques, the state’s diverse heritage awaits discovery, making exam preparations both educational and enriching. In the quest for success in Haryana’s competitive exams like HSSC, HPSC, Patwari, Clerk, Group-C, Group-D, HTET, and CET, candidates can gain an advantage by delving into the state’s historical and cultural treasures. This journey not only enhances knowledge but also provides a unique perspective for acing those crucial tests.

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Tourism, Religious & Pilgrimage Places in Haryana MCQs Test-1

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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What is the alternative name for Jyotisar mentioned in the Mahabharata?

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Where is Baba Ladana's Shrine located in Haryana?

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Who is credited with getting Brahma Sarovar dug?

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Why is Baan Ganga famous in Kurukshetra?

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Why did Yudhishthira get a temple built near Chandrakoop?

6 / 20

What can be found in the center of Brahma Sarovar?

7 / 20

Which sacred text is associated with Kurukshetra in Haryana?

8 / 20

Where is Baan Ganga located?

9 / 20

What historical era is Gandiya Muth associated with?

10 / 20

Who inhabits Gandiya Muth in Kurukshetra?

11 / 20

What is the literal meaning of "Jyotisar"?

12 / 20

Where is Nava Graha located in Haryana?

13 / 20

Who established Geeta Bhawan in 1921?

14 / 20

Who established the idol of Lord Rudra at Kaleshwar Teerth?

15 / 20

Where is Sannihit located in Kurukshetra?

16 / 20

Where is Geeta Bhawan located in Kurukshetra?

17 / 20

Where is Brahma Sarovar located in Kurukshetra?

18 / 20

Who had constructed the 9 kundas at Nava Graha?

19 / 20

What is the significance of Brahmasarovar in Kurukshetra?

20 / 20

What is believed to have happened at Karnal Nabha Teerth?

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Tourism, Religious & Pilgrimage Places in Haryana
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