Word Replacement Quiz (Chapter-15): 100 Challenging MCQs for Competitive Exam Aspirants

Refining Competitive Exam Readiness: Error Word Replacement Challenges for Indian Aspirants. Prepare for competitive exams in India with precision by tackling error word replacement tasks. Hone your linguistic acumen as you navigate through sentences, identifying and correcting inaccuracies to enhance your language skills. These concise exercises offer a valuable opportunity to enhance your exam performance by addressing error correction, a crucial skill for success. Designed to cater to various difficulty levels, these questions are perfect for aspirants of Banking, ITBP, Airforce, BSF, CAT, CMAT, RPSC, HPSC, UPPSC, OPSC, MPPSC, SSC, UPSC, RRB, Railway, IBPS, and other similar exams, helping you excel in language comprehension and excel in your quest for success.

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Word Replacement Quiz Test-1

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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The author's A) engaging storytelling B) captivated readers, transporting them into a world of C) exciting adventures.

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The CEO's A) visionary approach to business played a pivotal role in B) propelling the company to new heights of success.

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The entrepreneur's A) audacious business strategies have B) propelled the company to the forefront of the industry.

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The government's A) rigorous efforts to combat pollution have shown positive results in B) curbing environmental degradation.

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While A) emphasizing the importance of education in B) elevating society, the educational conference also suggests that the curriculum needs to be C) revamped to meet modern challenges.

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While A) stressing the role of investment in B) restored the economy the Economic Survey also states that the twin balance sheet issue has to be C) undertake on an urgent basis.

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A) Commending individuals for their hard work fosters a culture of B) appreciation and motivation within the team.

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A) Celebrating cultural diversity contributes to B) fostering a sense of unity and understanding among people from different backgrounds.

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The artist's A) vivid color choices in the painting B) evoke a sense of energy and emotion in the viewers.

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A) Commencing the project on time is vital for B) ensuring its successful completion within the designated timeframe.

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A) Advocating for equal rights is essential in B) cultivating a just and inclusive society for all citizens.

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A) Balancing work and personal life is important for B) ensuring overall well-being, ultimately leading to more C) individual satisfaction.

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The chef's A) meticulous attention to detail is evident in every dish, B) ensuring that the flavors and presentation are impeccable.

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A) Supporting employee well-being can greatly contribute to B) improving job satisfaction, resulting in increased C) employee retention.

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While A) acknowledging the significance of exercise in B) enhancing health, the fitness guide also recommends that proper nutrition should be C) incorporated into one's routine.

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The organization's A) innovative projects have been instrumental in B) spurring economic growth and technological advancement.

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The CEO's A) strategic planning abilities have B) led to company growth, establishing its position as a C) market leader.

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The novel's A) compelling storyline captured readers' attention and B) engrossed them in a world of mystery and suspense.

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A) Promoting a healthy lifestyle through exercise is crucial in B) sustaining overall well-being and vitality.

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A) Respecting different cultures is essential in B) fostering global harmony and understanding among nations.

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