Introduction to Haryana (Chapter-1): 80 Important MCQs for Competitive Exams Preparation

Haryana GK- Chapter 1; Introduction to Haryana for the Competitive Exams like HSSC, Patwari, CET, HTET, Police, Clerk, Steno, HPSC and others: Unveiling the complete general knowledge preparation package of Haryana. Embark on a journey through the historical tapestry of Haryana with these curated GK questions. Discover the meaning behind its name, its warrior legacy, and its role in ancient epics, all designed to enhance your competitive exam preparation.

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Introduction to Haryana Mock Test-1

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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What is the purpose of community development blocks in Haryana's administration?

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How many administrative divisions does Haryana have?

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When was the state of Haryana officially formed?

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The term "Haryana" is believed to have been derived from which ancient Sanskrit word?

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The name "Haryana" is derived from which ancient Indian language?

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What is the total number of districts in Haryana?

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The name "Haryana" was first recorded in which ancient Indian text?

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Haryana is known for its rich agricultural output. Which crop is predominantly grown in the state?

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Which Indian state is bordered by Haryana to the southwest?

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Which of the following is not a district in Haryana?

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Which ruler is credited with giving the name "Haryana" to the region due to its warrior heritage?

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Which historical epic contains references to the region of Haryana, further solidifying its ancient origins?

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The term "Haryana" reflects the region's historical legacy as a land of:

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Haryana shares its borders with how many Indian states?

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Which famous battle took place in Haryana in 1526, leading to the establishment of the Mughal Empire in India?

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The name "Haryana" is closely associated with the ancient:

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Which city serves as the capital of Haryana?

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Haryana is divided into how many administrative divisions?

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Which river forms the eastern boundary of Haryana?

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Which of the following best describes the origin of the name "Haryana"?

Topics/Syllabus covered in this Chapter’s Mock Test Series

Introduction to Haryana- Meaning of its Name, Origin, Its formation on 1 Nov 1966. Prominent Places in Haryana. Military connection of Haryana, Brief of Administrative structure in Haryana.
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