Industries in Haryana MCQs Tests (Chapter-8): Key 100 Questions for Competitive Exam Preparation

Haryana Industries: Key Facts for Competitive Exam Preparation. Haryana boasts a robust industrial landscape, featuring key sectors like automobiles, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and steel production. Competitive exam aspirants should focus on understanding Haryana’s industrial clusters, notable companies, and their contributions to the state’s economy for success in exams like HSSC, HPSC, HTET, CET and others.

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Industries in Haryana MCQs Test-1

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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What has Panipat established itself as in the international market?

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Which act was introduced by the State Government of Haryana to facilitate the development of SEZs in the state?

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What does the establishment of the National Institute of Food Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Management (NIFTEM) aim to achieve?

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What is the purpose of the Haryana Special Economic Zones Act, 2006?

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How many notified Special Economic Zones (SEZs) does Haryana have?

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When was HSIIDC established?

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What advantage does Haryana have in terms of agriculture and food production, such as fruit transportation?

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Which region in Haryana has been identified as an Auto Hub by the Government of India?

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What is the primary purpose of Special Economic Zones (SEZs)?

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What is the role of Haryana Financial Corporation in industrial development?

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Which university is mentioned as the nation's first skills university in Haryana?

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What is the primary strength of Haryana's manufacturing sector?

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What agency is responsible for urban development in Haryana?

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Which region has emerged as the center for the manufacture and export of readymade garments in Haryana?

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Which agency serves as the nodal agency for implementing the Land Pooling Policy in Haryana?

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Where is the headquarters of HSIIDC located?

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What significant policy did Haryana introduce in 2005 to promote ease of doing business?

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Which animal breed is prominently found in Haryana and contributes to milk production?

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Which institute is being set up in Rohtak to cater to the needs of trained manpower for the footwear industry?

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What is the total number of SEZ proposals that have been notified by the Government of India in Haryana?

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MCQs set on Industries in Haryana
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