Haryana Administrative Structure Quiz (Chapter-11): 120 MCQs for Cracking Haryana Competitive Exams

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Haryana Administrative Structure MCQs Test-6

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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Which district in Haryana falls within the historic region of Braj?

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Which historic region in Haryana overlaps with and lies entirely within Mewat and is known for its subdivision called Chandain?

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Which of the following rivers is considered a palaeochannel of the Sarasvati river in Haryana?

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How many "Industrial Estate (IE)" areas, each with an area larger than at least 1500 acres, have been developed in Haryana?

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Which is the only extant doab in Haryana, covering its entire northern border with Punjab?

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What type of villages were established in the northern part of the Bagar region along the canal network during British Raj?

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Which area in Haryana is the paleo channel of Drishadvati and includes low-lying areas of Jind, Hansi, and Hisar?

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How many specialized "Industrial Clusters and Theme Parks" have been developed by HSIIDC (Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation)?

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Which historical region in Haryana was ruled by the Bhati Rajputs in the past and is a part of the Bagar region, covering Sirsa and Fatehabad district?

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The Sahibi-Yamuna doab included which of the following districts in Haryana?

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The Sarasvati-Yamuna doab covered several districts in Haryan

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Which river confluenced with the Ghaggar river in the palaeo doab of Sarasvati-Drishadvati?

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Which districts in Haryana were part of the Drishadvati-Sahibi doab or Ghaggar-Sahibi doab?

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The palaeo doab that covered the area between the Ghaggar river (palaeochannel of Sarasvati) and the palaeochannel Drishadvati river is known as:

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The area between the ancient Sarasvati and Yamuna rivers in Haryana is known as the ______________ doab)

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Which basin in northwestern Haryana includes areas along either side of the Ghaggar river that does not get flooded?

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Which region in Haryana is characterized by the Bagri language being spoken by the majority of the population?

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Which industrial corridor in Haryana is part of the Amritsar Delhi Kolkata Industrial Corridor?

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Which paleo river is the main remnant channel of the Sarasvati river in Haryana?

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Which region in Haryana is known for its dominance by the Ahir community and includes areas such as Narnaul, Rewari, Kanina, Mahendergarh, and parts of Faridabad district?

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