Geography of Haryana MCQs Test (Chapter-3): Essential 90 Questions for Haryana’s Competitive Exams

Mastering Geography of Haryana: Essential Insights for Competitive Exam like HTET, HSSC, HPSC, Patwari, Gram Sachiv, Clerk, Group-C & D. Discover crucial geographical details of Haryana, from its diverse landscapes and major rivers to significant canals, dams, lakes, and the contentious SYL Canal controversy. Prepare effectively for competitive exams with these concise insights.

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Geography of Haryana Mock Test-1

20 MCQs
20 Marks
20 Minutes

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Which state shares its southern border with Haryana?

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Which region of Haryana is known for its deciduous forests?

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The Aravalli range in Haryana forms the border with which Indian state?

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In which part of India is Haryana located?

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According to the India State of Forest Report, FSI, 2021, what is the total percentage of Forest and Tree Cover combined in Haryana's geographical area?

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In terms of area, what is Haryana's rank among the states of India?

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How is Haryana's geography divided based on features?

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What is the latitude range within which Haryana is situated?

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Which geographical feature of Haryana is characterized by deciduous forests?

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Which district is the largest in terms of area in Haryana?

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Which plains in Haryana are formed by the doabs of important rivers and are known for their fertility?

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Which district is the smallest in terms of area in Haryana?

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What percentage of India's total geographical area does Haryana occupy?

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Which of the following states Haryana does NOT border?

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What is the total geographical area of Haryana in hectares?

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Which region of Haryana shares its border with Rajasthan?

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Which state borders Haryana to the north?

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What is the name of the semi-desert dry sand plain that covers the southwest part of Haryana?

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Haryana's share of India's total geographical area is approximately what percentage?

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What is the altitude range of Haryana above sea level?

Topics/Syllabus covered in this Chapter’s Mock Test Series

Geography of Haryana- Geographic location, Haryana Hills and Ranges, Haryana Rivers, Canals of Haryana, Important Dams of Haryana, Important Lakes of Haryana, Important Waterfalls of Haryana, Irrigation Projects in Haryana.
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