Haryanavi Literature, Language & Dialects Questions (Chapter-12): 50 Important MCQs for Practice

Cracking Haryana’s Competitive Exams: A Glimpse into Haryanavi Literature, Language & Dialects. Discover the significance of Haryanavi Literature, Language, and Dialects in competitive exams like HSSC, HPSC, Patwari, Clerk, Group-C, Group-D, HTET, CET, and pave your way to success in Haryana

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Haryanavi Literature, Language & Dialects MCQs Test-1

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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Who, hailing from Bhiwani, started the Hindi magazine "Sandesh" and made significant contributions to Hindi literature?

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Which literary figure wrote "Sur Sagar" and is also associated with Haryana's literary heritage?

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Who was the first-ever state poet of Haryana?

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Who was the renowned poet from Hissar who actively participated in the Bhoodan Movement?

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Who is known for writing "Pritvi Raj Raso," contributing significantly to Hindi literature and believed to be from Haryana?

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Among the Haryanvi dialects, which one is spoken mainly by the Yadav community in areas like Rewari, Narnol, and Kosli?

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Which language is the official language and the most commonly spoken language in Haryana?

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Which language is officially recognized as the second language in Haryana?

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What is the dominant mother tongue of the people of Haryana?

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In which regions of Haryana is the Ambalvi dialect spoken, which is influenced by Punjabi and Hilly languages?

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In addition to Eastern Uttar Pradesh, where else is the Brij Bhasha dialect spoken, particularly in areas neighboring Mathura district?

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Who, hailing from Dholra, Haryana, wrote the Sanskrit novel 'Shashiprabha,' which was published in the year 1985?

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Who was the famous poet and prolific scholar born in District Panipat of Haryana during the pre-independence era, known for his significant contributions to Urdu literature and poetry?

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Which Haryanvi dialect is primarily spoken in the Rothak district and is often associated with the Jaat community?

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Who from Bhiwani wrote works such as "Shyam Satsai" and "Satyagrahi, Prahlad" and made significant contributions to literature?

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What was the basis for the formation of the state of Haryana?

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Which Haryanvi dialect, also known as Khari Boli, is found in parts of Haryana bordering Uttar Pradesh, including Panipat, Karnal, and Sonipat districts?

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Which of the following works by Khwaja Altaaf Husain Haali was described as "the first manifesto of Urdu poetry" by Mohammad Sarwar?

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In which Haryana districts is the Bagri dialect spoken, which is also found in neighboring Rajasthan?

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The Bhagwat Geeta, one of the most sacred religious texts for Hindus, is believed to be a sermon of Lord Vishnu and was spoken by Lord Krishna at which location in Haryana?

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A Glimpse into Haryanavi Literature, Language & Dialects
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