Haryanavi Festivals, Fairs, Cuisines, Textiles & Jewellery (Chapter-14): 90 Important MCQs for Haryana GK

Haryana’s Cultural Insights for Competitive Exam Success. In the quest for competitive exam success in Haryana, understanding the state’s unique cultural elements is paramount. Haryanavi festivals, traditional attire, flavorful cuisines, exquisite textiles, and indigenous jewelry offer a rich tapestry of knowledge for aspirants preparing for exams like HSSC, HPSC, Patwari, Clerk, Group-C, Group-D, HTET, and CET. Dive into the vibrant world of Haryana’s heritage to excel in your endeavors.

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Haryanavi Festivals, Fairs, Cuisines, Textiles & Jewellery MCQs Test-1

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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Where is the Gopal-Mochan Fair held annually?

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When is the Nirjala Ekadashi Festival typically celebrated in Haryana?

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When does the Surajkund International Fair take place in Haryana?

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What is the primary objective of organizing the Surajkund International Fair?

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What does Gita Mahotsav (Gita Jayanti) celebrate?

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What does the Baisakhi festival mark, and when is it celebrated?

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On which occasion do thousands of individuals gather at Sohna to bathe in the sulfur springs?

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When was the Pinjore Heritage Festival first initiated?

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Where is the Basdoda Fair held, and what is the primary deity of the ancient temple in the village?

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On which date is Haryana Day celebrated each year?

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Which is the biggest rose show in the country, celebrated in the last week of February?

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When is the annual Teej festival celebrated, and who primarily observes it?

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Where is the most popular fair in Haryana, known as the Masani Fair, held annually?

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What is the primary focus of the Gugga Naumi festival in Haryana?

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What is the significance of Sohna in Haryana?

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Which garden is the main venue for the Pinjore Heritage Festival?

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In which months do the people of Haryana celebrate the Gugga Naumi festival?

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Which goddess is honored during the Masani Fair in Gurgaon village?

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On which lunar day is Gita Mahotsav (Gita Jayanti) celebrated in the Hindu calendar?

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What is the main purpose of the Teej festival for married women?

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Haryanavi Festivals, Fairs, Cuisines, Textiles & Jewellery Questions
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