Haryana’s Folk Dance/ Music/ Movies (Chapter-13): 100 Important MCQs for Competitive Exams

Competitive Exam Insights: Haryana’s Rich Folk Culture. Prepare for HSSC, HPSC, Patwari, Clerk, Group-C, Group-D, HTET, CET, and more with a concise guide to Haryana’s folk music, dance, movies, deities, and theater, providing valuable context for competitive exam questions related to the state’s vibrant cultural heritage. Haryana Folk Dances: A Quick Study Guide for Competitive Exams.

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Haryana's Rich Folk Culture MCQs Test-1

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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Which legendary tale is often associated with Haryana's country-side or desi music?

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What are some examples of popular folklores in Haryana that depict themes of bravery and love?

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What are folk songs in Haryana called?

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Who popularized the Ragini form of theater in Haryana?

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Which Ragas form the basis of the musical compositions of Haryana's folk songs?

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Which community is mentioned as using melodic Raag Pilu in Haryana's music?

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What are the ballads in Haryana's folk music primarily focused on?

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Who are the bards that sing war songs in Haryana known as?

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Which of the following is NOT a style of folk singing prevalent in Haryana?

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For what purposes is the country-side or desi music of Haryana often used?

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What is one of the commonly used folk instruments in Haryana, often used by Saperas (snake charmers)?

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How does singing contribute to social unity in Haryana?

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Which rhythmic variations are commonly used in Haryana's folk songs?

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What are the folk theatrical performance forms in Haryana?

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Which dance forms are popular in Haryana, known for their fast and energetic movements?

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Which instruments are commonly used as accompaniments for religious songs in Haryana?

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How many semi-tones are typically used in the scale of Raag Pilu by Ahirs in Haryana?

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What are the religious and festive songs in Haryana called by?

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What is a notable characteristic of folk songs in Haryana regarding their authorship?

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Which Raagas are commonly used in the country-side or desi music of Haryana?

Topics/Syllabus covered in this Chapter’s Mock Test Series

Folk Music/ Dance/ Drama/ Movies/ Gods-Goddesses in Haryana
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