Today’s Computer Awareness Mock (MCQs) Exam: Test your Competitive Exam Preparations!

Put your competitive exam prep into high gear with the insights gained from today’s challenging Computer Awareness mock test, designed to hone your digital prowess and elevate your performance in upcoming exams. Prepare for competitive exams (SSC, Railway, CGL, Banking) in India with this comprehensive list of computer awareness. Covering essential terms from hardware to protocols, this guide will help you decode complex concepts and ace your exams with confidence.

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Today's Computer Awareness Mock Test

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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In an operating system, which of the following is used to locate and remove computer viruses and malware?

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What is the name of the individual spreadsheet within a workbook in MS Excel?

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What does "CPU" stand for in computer science?

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How can you copy a selected text in a word processor?

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What does "RAM" stand for in computer science?

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What is the term for a visual effect that controls how a slide enters or exits during a slide show?

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The "Ctrl + P" keyboard shortcut is commonly used to:

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"GB" stands for:

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The role of the operating system is to:

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What is the primary purpose of "private browsing" mode in web browsers?

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Which online service is used to store and synchronize files across devices?

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"PB" stands for:

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Which protocol is commonly used for instant messaging?

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Which year saw the introduction of the "@" symbol in email addresses?

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In an operating system, the "Restart" option is used to:

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Which collaboration feature allows multiple users to work on a document simultaneously?

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What does "EiB" represent in the context of data storage?

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Function keys on a keyboard are typically labeled as:

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What is the purpose of animations in PowerPoint?

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"XT" refers to:

Topics/Syllabus covered this Mock Test
This Test is Updated Daily. This mock test have a perfect blend of questions from these chapters:

  1. Knowing Computer
  2. Hardware & Software
  3. Operating Systems
  4. Word Processing- MS Word
  5. Spreadsheet— MS Excel
  6. Presentations- MS PowerPoint
  7. Internet & Web Browsers
  8. Emails and collaborations
  9. Basic Literacy in Cyber Security
  10. Computer Abbreviations

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