MS Excel Mastery Quiz (Chapter-6): 110 MCQs to Test Your Spreadsheet Skills!

Find Latest MS Excel Mock Test on Chapter- MS Excel- Spreadsheet Questions & Answers- Total 5 Mock Tests containing 110 multiple choice questions for RRB, IBPS Clerk, SSC, Railway, CGL, Banking, SBI etc.

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MS Excel- Spreadsheet Mock Test-1

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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Which function can be used to add the values in cells in MS Excel?

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How do we refer to a collection of adjacent cells in MS Excel?

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In MS Excel, what is the maximum number of characters allowed in a single cell?

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What is the shortcut key to copy selected cells in MS Excel?

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What is the basic unit of a spreadsheet in MS Excel?

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A collection of multiple worksheets in MS Excel is known as:

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Which feature allows you to automatically fill a series of cells in MS Excel?

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What is the name of the title that appears above a chart in MS Excel?

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Which function can be used to count the number of cells with numerical values in MS Excel?

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What function automatically adds up a range of cells in MS Excel?

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Which shortcut key is used to save a workbook in MS Excel?

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What is the term used for cell references that adjust when copied to other cells in MS Excel?

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What feature allows you to freeze specific rows or columns in MS Excel while scrolling?

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What are the horizontal and vertical lines that form a grid in a spreadsheet called?

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How do we refer to a cell by its unique address in MS Excel?

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Which feature in MS Excel is used to change the positioning of cell contents?

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Which chart type represents data in a circular form in MS Excel?

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What is the name of the currently selected cell in MS Excel?

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In MS Excel, data is organized in vertical blocks known as:

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Where can you see the content of the currently selected cell in MS Excel?

Topics/Syllabus covered in this Chapter’s Mock Test Series

Basics of Spreadsheet (MS Excel); Manipulation of cells; Formulas and Functions; Editing of Spread Sheet, printing of Spread Sheet; MS Excel Tips & Tricks

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