Knowing Computer GK Quiz (Chapter-1): Basics [150+ MCQs]

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Computer Basics Mock Test-6

30 MCQs
30 Marks
15 Minutes

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What should you do if the CPU fan is not spinning when the computer is turned on?

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When checking the power supply, what should be the first thing to examine?

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When connecting a monitor to a CPU, what does "VGA" stand for?

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What is the standard color code for connecting a mouse and keyboard to a computer?

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What port on the CPU is typically used to connect a keyboard?

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Which web technology is used to style the presentation of web pages?

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What is the purpose of an internet search engine?

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In a database, what is a primary key?

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Which port on the CPU is used to connect a printer?

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What is the output of the code snippet- print(5 + 3 * 2) in Python?

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What is the purpose of a power supply unit (PSU) in a computer system?

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Which of the following is a wireless technology used for connecting peripherals to a CPU?

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When connecting a printer to a modern CPU, which port is typically used?

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Which component is responsible for managing the flow of data between the CPU and other devices?

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Which programming language is commonly used for developing mobile applications?

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Which language is commonly used to manage and query databases?

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The "DVI" port on a monitor and CPU stands for:

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What type of cable is commonly used to connect a monitor to the CPU?

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If the monitor does not display anything when the computer is turned on, what is the first thing you should check?

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In computer programming, what is a loop?

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If the power supply unit (PSU) is not functioning, what may be the outcome?

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What device is commonly used to check if a power outlet is providing electricity?

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Which of the following is a database management system?

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What type of current does a typical computer power supply use?

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Which programming language is known for its simplicity and ease of learning?

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To connect a modern mouse to the CPU, you would most likely use:

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Which database management system is commonly used for large-scale enterprise applications?

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To connect a printer that supports high-speed data transfer, which USB version would you use?

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What is a database in computing?

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What is the process of identifying and fixing errors in a computer program called?

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