Information & Network Security Quiz (Chapter-10): 110 MCQs for Competitive Exams

Mastering Information & Network Security: 100 MCQs for Competitive Exams/ Enhance your competitive exam preparations [NDA (National Defence Academy), UGC NET, RRB, IBPS Clerk, SSC, Railway, CGL, Banking] with this comprehensive set of 110 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) covering fundamental concepts of information and network security. From encryption to intrusion detection, firewalls to DDoS attacks, this collection is tailored to help you ace your exams and secure your knowledge of network security essentials.

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Information & Network Security MCQs Test-1

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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What does the "law of least privilege" suggest in information security?

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What does the term "social engineering" refer to in information security?

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Which security principle ensures that data is accessible only by authorized users?

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What does the acronym CIA stand for in information security?

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What is the purpose of intrusion detection systems (IDS)?

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What is the primary purpose of encryption in information security?

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What is the purpose of a biometric authentication system?

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What is the primary goal of a "penetration test" in information security?

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What is the significance of regular software updates in information security?

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What is the role of encryption in information security?

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What is the main characteristic of "multifactor authentication"?

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What does "phishing" refer to in the context of information security?

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Which security mechanism verifies the identity of a user before granting access?

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Which security mechanism ensures that users are held responsible for their actions?

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Which security measure protects against unauthorized physical access to computer hardware?

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What is the purpose of data backup in information security?

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What is the role of a firewall in information security?

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Which security principle ensures that data remains unaltered during transmission?

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Which security mechanism focuses on verifying and recording user actions?

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What is the main goal of information security?

Topics/Syllabus covered in this Chapter’s Mock Test Series

Security and Networking: Information Security; Security Services, mechanism and attacks; Physical and System Security, Internet and Web Security Fundamental; Network Security Fundamentals, + NIELIT’s Certificate course in Information Security.

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