Indian IT Act 2008 (Chapter-13): Essential MCQs for Competitive Exams

Get exam-ready with this collection of 40+ MCQs covering the IT Act, including its salient features, legal provisions, and recent amendments. Perfect your knowledge of cyber laws for competitive exams (UPSC, SSC MTS, CGL, CLAT, ITI-COPA, Interview, Railways, RRBs, GATE, CLAT, UGC NET, CTET, OTET, MTS and other exams) in India.

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Indian IT Act 2008 MCQs Test-1

20 MCQs
20 Marks
10 Minutes

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What is the objective of the IT Act 2008 with regards to digital signatures?

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Which section of the IT Act deals with punishment for dishonestly receiving stolen computer resources or communication devices?

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What is the definition of "digital signature" under the IT Act 2008?

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Which new provision was introduced to protect personal data under the recent amendments?

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Under the IT Act, which government authority can order interception or monitoring of computer information?

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What is the purpose of the recent amendments to the IT Act?

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What new category of offenses was introduced in the recent amendments related to data?

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Which section of the IT Act deals with punishment for sending offensive messages through communication services?

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What does "unauthorized access to a computer system" refer to in the IT Act?

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When were the recent amendments to the IT Act made?

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Which of the following is not covered under the IT Act 2008?

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Under which section of the IT Act are tampering with computer source documents and hacking punishable?

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What does "intermediary" mean under the IT Act?

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What does "cyber cafe" mean in the context of the IT Act 2008?

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What is the penalty for not complying with the data protection provisions of the recent amendments?

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What is the punishment for cyber terrorism under the IT Act?

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Which government body is responsible for implementing the IT Act 2008 in India?

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What is the role of a "Certifying Authority" under the IT Act?

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What does the IT Act 2008 stand for?

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What is the purpose of the IT Act 2008?

Topics/Syllabus covered in this Chapter’s Mock Test Series

Salient Feature of IT Act 2008; Legal Provisions under the IT Act, Recent amendments in the IT Act

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